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Top 5 Best Browsers For Android Of 2019

Top 5+ Best Free Web Browsers For Android Of 2019

best browsers for android
best browsers for android

Are you looking for best browsers for Android? Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any devices to access the internet.

The number of Android smartphones in India is more than any other smartphone. About 60 percent of the total smartphone users use Android smartphones. In these phones, the web browser is used for surfing. Each user has its own individual or interest to choose the best Android browsers. Many users prefer fast browsers, so many users spending fewer data like this. In this post, I’m going to give you information about some “best browsers for android” that are capable of meeting your individual needs.

Best Browsers For Android

Here are the best web browsers for Android that’s fast and secure. You can use easily in your smartphones.

1. Opera: Best Browsers for Data Saving

opera browser, best browser for android

According to the opera’s slogan, you can browse a lot with the Opera browser available for Android. The Opera browser has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the Play Store. At the same time, this browser has more than 20 years on the desktop. Its Android version offers some great features.

The specialty of opera browser:

1. Opera syncs in more than one device, it gives a smartphone or a PC user both on the same experience.

2. Opera’s data-saving feature makes it different from other Android browsers. This compresses the video on the mobile view, which makes the data less used.

3. It can not be said to be the fastest browser but once the page opens, the user can access the full page, in which the user does not have to wait for more to load the image.

Download Opera Browser

2. Chrome Beta – Stay In Updates Forward

chorme-beta,best browser for android

This browser is not like the old chrome. This is a better beta version of Chrome. It has the advantage that unless you have a new update of Chrome to other users or your friends, you have already used it heavily. Chrome Beta gives you access to new features. However, there are problems related to stability with Chrome Beta, but it is so low that we recommend this browser in front of Normal Chrome.

Download Chrome Beta

3. Firefox – The above mentioned for customization

firefox browser for android, best web browser for android

Firefox gives a great user experience in the list of browser domains. The features provided by this browser makes it a strong rival for the top spot. Its mobile browser works very well with the desktop version. With this, it also gives the option of customization. With this, Firefox also comes with privacy and sharing options. Its reader mode clearly shows the articles without any interruptions.

Download FireFox Browser

4. Puffin Browser – Best For Speed

puffin web browser for android, best android brousers

Puffin Browser is also a good choice. Not only is this very fast, but it can also change the user according to their preferences. It is also able to emulate mouse cursor and trackpad with add-on functions. This is best for them, who miss the laptop experience on mobile. Puffin browser transfers into the cloud server before sending the content to the handset, so it also loads large websites on the phone easily. Perhaps this is the reason that Puffin Browser can be called one of the fastest Android browsers.

Download Puffin Browser

5. Dolphin Browser – Best User Experience

best android browers app

Dolphin Browser is the most popular browser of the Android community. It is functional and it is also excellent in appearance. It also comes with some great gesture controls. This is also a great option in terms of sharing content between devices. The Dolphin Browser’s best experience can be said that it still supports the older Flash Player.

Download Dolphin Browser

6. UC Browser – For Speed’s Best

This is China’s Android browser, which has many millions of downloads on Google Play. The secret behind the fast browsing experience of UC Browser is Data Compression. Its interface cannot be called the best but it does its job without any hassle. This browser is available for free use.

Download UC Browser

7. Jio Browser

Jio android browser app is the best and fast web browser for Android. Jio browser app developed by reliance jio. You can download this app from Google Play Store for free.

These web browsers are fast, data saver and secure. The web browser is used for surfing in smartphones. I hope that you like best browsers for Android article.


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