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What is SIM Swap? How to Avoid It.


What is Sim Swap and how to survive it? In today’s time, almost everyone uses the smartphone. Whether they send money online or chat with friends If we talk about the use of the smartphone then most of the money is done on online transfer and social media. Our smartphone contains all of our information.
But do you know what the sim swap is? (what is sim swap?) and how can the bank account be removed from sim swapping? Have you ever heard of sim swapping or sim cloning? If you have heard, how can you avoid it?

For some time SIM swapping incidents are increasing. This is a cybercrime whose purpose is to steal money. If you also use a sim, then it is very important to know about it. I will tell you in this article what is the sim swap or sim cloning and how to survive it.

What is SIM Swap?

Sim cloning or sim swapping is a technique through which a duplicate card can be drawn on a sim card. In a malicious way, both the cloned sim and the original sim work together with the information of mobile subscribers. Sim swap means sim exchange, in which a new SIM is registered with your phone number.

As soon as this happens, your SIM card stops and the signal disappears from the phone. Now, using an OTP that comes to the other SIM registered with your number, another person transfers your money into your account.

How do SIM swap or SIM clones happen?

Now it comes to how the SIM swap or SIM clone happens? Sim swap or sim clone can be done in many ways about which we will learn the bottom step by step.

By call:

Yes! SIM swap can be done through a call but how? So let’s know. The person in front is claiming that he is an executive of Airtel, Live or any other service provider.

These people talk about fixing a call drop on your smartphone or increasing the internet speed or talking about any service to you. During the conversation, these swappers try to get their unique number of 20 digits unique number from the user. After this, the user is asked to press 1. By which the authentication process is complete and in this way sim swapping is done. You know that this unique number is written behind your SIM card.


Yes! Your sim can also be cloned by SMS. The swapper that will send an SMS to your number will give you some offers or some lure. If you follow this SMS then your sim card will be swapped.

What happens after being a Sim Swap?

Signals will not come on your number after the SIM swaps. On the other hand, the phone with a SIM card with a number of scammers comes with full signals. This is a two-step process. In most cases, scammers have your banking id and password. Just need them OTP (one-time password), which comes to your SIM. Money is successfully transferred to your bank account as soon as OTP arrives. Once the cheat is made, the scammers destroy the sim card so that no one can trace them.

How to know if sim swap is done or not

Follow these tips to know about Sim swapping or sim cloning.

• Is your phone missing for a few hours?
• Phone BG is still telling you even when you are not talking on the phone.
• Frequent network disconnecting.
• More calls are being made from Rong number.
If this is happening to you, then you inform the telecom operator or the police you have.
How to survive with Sim Swap?
• If you get a call from a telecom company and ask you a SIM card number So never tell any kind of personal and sensitive information. Eg- OTP etc.
• If someone asks about your 20-digit SIM card number on your phone, never tell.
• Keep in mind that any telecom operator or bank officer does not ask you any information.
So you know now what is the sim swap? (What is Sim Swap) and how to avoid it.


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